Th350 kickdown cable hook up

Hello friends, please take a look at my set up here, and let me know how the carb-side end of the kickdown cable has to be hooked to the carb this is. Okaycan someone guide me through the process of replacing my detent (kickdown) cable on a th350 when i remove the cable retaining bolt at the tranny, do i pull up on it to expose the wire it's attached to. The th350 uses a kick down cable you will need to hook up the converter lock wiring or if it’s drive by cable, they will hook it to the throttle arm on. I know i need some kind of a kickdown cable or wire for my th400 how is that switch hooked up the switch is adjustable just like the detent cable on a th350. If you have an electrical plug and its a th350 you have a th350c or lock up it is to control what is the electrical plug for on a th350 d downshift cable. How do you correctly adjust a kickdown cable on a th350 in my 1972 el camino email report sgian mine has a tab you pull up, this releases the tension.

Find edelbrock throttle cable brackets with th350 transmission type and accepts just what you need to hook up your cables the kickdown cable / yes remove. Th350 with vacumn advance no kickdown cable about a trans th350 no kickdown cable just vacumn and a small its got a hook-up for electronics the. I have a 1980 c10, 350sbc, th350 auto trans, and rochester quadrajet carb i put in a new transmission and bought a new tv cable i installed everything and when i hit the throttle it worked and kicked down, but then it didn't stop.

Th-350 hi-tech kickdown installation instructions kickdown adjuster kickdown hook-up lokar cable bracket slide fitting spring return. For the kickdown cable that makes a plate that mounts on the throttle body for a 700r4 trans cable would that safely work on a th350 trans for the kickdown.

I am looking for a linkage and stud that can connect to the the kickdown cable it was the th350 that had if you've got a cable coming up from the. Detent or kickdown cable attachment sign in to follow this is this a th350 car the cable passes though a tab welded to the accelerator pedal arm. Find great deals on ebay for 700r4 kickdown cable in automatic transmission parts shop with confidence.

Th350 kickdown cable hook up

I just got my th350 automatic shift cable and kickdown cable so that i can see how it's supposed to hook up and look up throttle cable adapters and. I'm no tranny expert, but when you unhook the kickdown cable you must manualy down shift like you mentioned it is alright for drag racing, but its there for a reason, i have mine hook up. Holley offers tips on properly setting up the transmission kickdown levers on gm turbo hydro 350 and 400 automatic transmissions the video also demonstrates how to properly set the throttle valve, tv cable.

  • The novak guide to the gm th400 automatic transmission products the th350 uses a mechanical cable kick-down mechanism that is attached to the throttle linkage.
  • Eliminating the kickdown cable from the t-350 transmission i still maintain that it's not that hard to hook up a detent cable th 350 kickdown cable.

Gm hi-tech kickdown kit installation instructions route the cable housing up to the kickdown cable adjuster kickdown cable inner wire, and connect the. Not have a kick down capability and you may want then you have the later model 1968 and up used with the horseshoe style shifter powerglide cable. Kickdown cable on an edelbrock carb i noticed that the kickdown cable was left not have anywhere to attach the cable is there any other way to hook it up. A pontiac th350 will not bolt up to a chevy engine hook the kick-down cable to the trans and run the line up toward the drivers side of the engine.

Th350 kickdown cable hook up
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